Are customers finding you anyway?

Even if you have basic keyword SEO updated on your website, you shouldn’t pay for traffic from a Google search that was coming your way anyway. If people are exclusively searching for your business’ name and you’re already appearing on the top of these search results, why pay for Adwords results? Instead, consider adding a negative exact match keyword for your own business’ name in your Adwords account to reap the benefit of free, organic traffic.

Quick Example

When searching for, – a local automotive dealer for many car brands in Halifax, Nova Scotia – my search terms only included the words “steele auto group.” In Google Adwords, that exact match search keyword looks like [steele auto group], and, even though they are the first organic result (below) that comes up on Google, I’m still inclined to choose the top result for the same company which is a paid ad by their company (they’ll pay once I click it).

So wouldn’t it be good practice, provided that you know you’re coming up in the top position for specific search results for your company name, to avoid paying for that traffic anyway? This is especially true if you’ve got good SEO in your area, or you’re looking to attract new customers based on keywords on a budget. 

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