Mozilla Went Retro?

Mozilla, the creators of Firefox, launched their company’s rebrand this week after a long process of public review and input (but no voting?). While the new look has been met with mixed reviews from everyone on tech blogs to design reviews, our takeaway is summed up in one word: RETRO.

The wordmark (moz://a) and presentation is a welcome monochrome, simplistic experience, and the brand system seems to be a versatile, diverse collection of elements that reflects their commitment to an internet that is universal and inclusive. The play is very blunt, but it removes any doubt that this is in fact an internet company.

On the other hand, the colour palette chosen feels like a cross between 1980s retro-wear and 1990s MTV programming. Perhaps a throwback to the foundations of the company’s movement, but we can’t help but think of this ’90s PBS branding:

 It's that lavender/mauve purple colour. It's like a memory burn.
It’s that lavender/mauve purple colour. It’s like a memory burn.

Mozilla Creative Director Tim Murray also took the time to individually respond to comments both praising and criticizing the new approach. While dealing with anonymous criticism on your project is never an easy task, this is a great way of showing just how open-minded a company can be (especially with the tagline “branding without walls”). The main thing will be seeing if the company’s product, Firefox, will break their downward trend of losing installs to competitor Google Chrome.

Congrats Tim and team on a successful rebrand, and we look forward to seeing it in action this year!