How To Regram on Instagram

Do you ever share other people’s Instagram content to your account? You might want to think about the copyright and legal implications of aggregating third party content into your feed.

The Copyright Issue

The biggest issue with sharing someone else’s Instagram content is the copyright ownership. The person who created the post content owns the copyright and therefore owns the right to any revenue or benefits afforded by that content. As a brand or business, this can be used against you legally if you don’t have the waiver of copyright protection from the original post creator.

Here are some steps to help you avoid conflicts when looking to regram someone’s content on Instagram:

Credit The Original Author

Typically, most accounts appreciate if you make an effort to credit them as the original poster. This functionality is included in regrammed posts automatically in most popular Instagram sharing apps. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t bother to ask for permission first, but as a general rule you should always credit the original account.

When an original author requests that you take a post down or remove their content from your feed, always do so right away. This will limit your exposure to liability in the event the original author does not take kindly to having their images shared.

When in Doubt, Get Permission

Often the fastest and easiest way to get permission from someone is to post a comment directly on their post or direct message their account, asking permission to repost it. Your comment doesn’t have to be long or technical, just so long as they say “yes.”

Include Copyright Waivers in Contracts With Influencers

When you team up with a brand ambassador or influencer to specifically create content that showcases your brand, the expectation is that you’ll use the content on your account. If this isn’t spelled out in a contract, however, the same copyright laws protect the original content creator.

Whenever you work with another person directly to create content that you’ll want to repurpose, be sure to include copyright waivers in your contract with them.

Follow Instagram’s TOU

Lastly, make sure that everything you post and regram follow’s Instagram’s Terms of Use (TOU). You don’t want to spend months or years working on creating an engaged following on social just to have your account taken away for violating the platform’s TOU.

Happy ‘gramming!