Super Bowl LIV Ads: The Hits and Misses

Here’s a list of our favourite hits and misses from the Super Bowl LIV ad spots. What did they spend $5.6 million on?!

The Misses

Audi Presents: Let It Go

Perhaps one of the least was Audi Presents: Let It Go. Frozen, Game of Thrones, luxury automobiles – why?

Coca Cola’s Energy

Coca Cola decided that instead of focusing on their product, they’d make a spot that could’ve just as easily been recycled for Apple to use as an iMessage promo.

Trump 2020

An ad in an election year: makes sense, but will anyone remember any of this? Rather than engage in a story, this ad totes statistics and then quickly signs off. Top of mind: yes. Memorable? Not a chance.

Under Armour’s The Only Way Is Through

You had one job: relate to people who’d be watching (fans) in a meaningful way and create something that could be shared. Under Armour decided to go a completely different way. Whoops.

The Hits

Smaht Pahk by Hyundai

The “Smaht Pahk” by Hyundai was a fun and easy to watch, with a star-splashed cast and lots of riffs on the ever popular Boston accent. How else would you say “smart park?”

Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa spot featured Ellen and the “what did people do before Alexa?” question that puts the product first in this fun and memorable ad laced with pop culture.

Mr Peanut’s Baby Nut

How do you trail campaign creative like the funeral? With the #BabyNut! While this is certainly piggybacking on the proven success of Baby Yoda, this campaign also uses a number of low-risk, low-cost outputs and its lovable spot simply works. Great cameos, too!

Our Super Bowl Ad Champion: Google’s Loretta

Our top pick of the night: Google’s Loretta. Pulling at the heartstrings while also being product-focused, the Loretta spot was an easy pick as the #1 ad of the night because it did it all through a compelling short story that was relatable and will probably get people trying some of these features out on their devices the very next day. 10/10, Google!