Dove Falls Flat With Their Latest Tone Deaf Ad

Dove’s latest Facebook campaign featuring a black woman removing a brown T-shirt to reveal a white woman in a pink T-shirt underneath has received widespread backlash and gone viral this week. The racially-insensitive blunder attempted to show the diversity of beauty in the world, but was ended up falling flat on its face by seemingly implying that Dove products had “cleaned” her black skin off.

How To Regram on Instagram

The biggest issue with sharing someone else’s Instagram content is the copyright ownership. The person who created the post content owns the copyright and therefore owns the right to any revenue or benefits afforded by that content. As a brand or business, this can be used against you legally if you don’t have the waiver of copyright protection from the original post creator. Here are some steps to help you avoid conflicts when looking to regram someone’s content on Instagram.

What Branding Really Means To Us

The term “branding” has its fair share of both proponents and detractors. The truth is, branding is a never ending process that every business needs to be focused on within every aspect of its business and with every customer touch point it has. Branding, both visually and strategically, is an investment into the longevity of your business and your ability to achieve your goals