Why Professionals Shouldn’t Be Shy On Social Media

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A great deal of businesses have a hard time not only finding their voice on social media, but justifying putting themselves out there at all. Some industries like finance, legal practices, professional services, and beyond have their fair share of difficulties dealing with negative reviews, online trolls, and regulatory standards on what they can or can’t say publicly. Here’s the thing – they’re right to be discouraged, but there may be a better way than just avoiding the dark underbelly of the social media beast.

How To Regram on Instagram

The biggest issue with sharing someone else’s Instagram content is the copyright ownership. The person who created the post content owns the copyright and therefore owns the right to any revenue or benefits afforded by that content. As a brand or business, this can be used against you legally if you don’t have the waiver of copyright protection from the original post creator. Here are some steps to help you avoid conflicts when looking to regram someone’s content on Instagram.

How You Might Be Paying For Free Traffic

Even if you have basic keyword SEO updated on your website, you shouldn’t pay for traffic from a Google search that was coming your way anyway. If people are exclusively searching for your business’ name and you’re already appearing on the top of these search results, why pay for Adwords results? Instead, consider adding a negative exact match keyword for your own business’ name in your Adwords account to reap the benefit of free, organic traffic.