Media Kit

This page contains text and other media (photos, headshots, etc.) for our official media kit.

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This page contains text and other media (photos, headshots, etc.) for our official media kit.


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Arbuckle Media Executive Summary

Arbuckle Media is an award-winning digital agency that raises product-based brands up by building powerful e-commerce experiences, and generating demand for their business. Founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2016, our mission has always been simply to help you accomplish your marketing objectives, both big and small.

We offer an array of services from marketing strategy to web development for brands that want to reap the rewards of being on the cutting edge, both culturally and technologically. Our clients know that taking calculated risks to improve their standing are required in order to most effectively solve their marketing and technology challenges and pains. When you add our perspective to your company’s needs, that’s when the magic happens.

Our Mandate

As a tech and software innovator in the marketing tech industry, we feel it is our duty to be facilitators of change, both in the products we create, and in the culture of our workplace environment and the community at large. The mutually beneficial relationship between business and inclusivity is key to remaining nimble in our mindset toward the tools of our trade and the people in our teams and who we give assistance to. 

Our mandate is to create good career jobs for women, non-binary and underrepresented peoples in tech. By creating a workplace that looks beyond one’s identity and appearance or disability, and creates opportunities for them to learn, grow, and thrive in one of the most cutting edge industries in Canada, we benefit not only the individuals we work with, but also the business community at large in showing through our own work the outcome of simply remaining nimble in our mindset.

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Arbuckle Media Brand + Logo Files

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