Cybersecurity Essentials for Small Business Worksheet



Product Description

Often those who are attacked (especially small businesses) think they aren’t of interest to bad actors. 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, and that trend seems to be increasing year-over-year. Any information or records you have are valuable. Additionally, you could be a secondary target – a means to an end in order to better position an attack on a bigger fish. 

E-commerce is especially vulnerable and under fire because of its proximity to your customers’ personal financial information. Hackers and bad actors know that unfortunately, for many small businesses, cybersecurity is still an afterthought. There are now more websites than ever, and attackers know that this means there are a substantial number of soft targets out there, waiting for them. More than $100 million USD in digital ransoms were paid in 2021 alone, and reports of ransomware attacks were up 105% year-over-year last year.

This isn’t designed to be an in-depth analysis of any particular type of spam, scam, attack, or replace the expertise of an IT or cybersecurity specialist.

This is designed to produce awareness of all the different types of attacks and how a simple, cost-effective list of best practices and standards within your organization can cover many bases at once, and likely save you a lot of pain and frustration should you become the subject of an attack.

We build e-commerce experiences and platforms for product-based brands, and designed this presentation based on our direct experience and exposures to our clients’ and industry colleagues’ past attacks.

At risk of being attacked? Worried about phishing scams and leaving your e-commerce site vulnerable? Our Cyber Security Essentials for Small Business Worksheet works.