We create targeted social media content that drives results for you

We live and breathe in value-priced platforms for placing paid digital adverts, we’ll find the most cost-effective way for your brand to attract its customers – whatever the product or service you’re selling. We’re invested in driving results for our clients, therefore we’re completely platform-agnostic when it comes to putting your business’ content in the right digital context.

Allowing you to gain realtime market insights into your customer profiles, as well as maintaining extremely trackable data about how your ads are performing are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to paid social or PPC digital advertising. You’ll be able to test and serve ads for any product or service to a more targeted market segment than with any other medium, and best of all you’re going to be able to make every dollar invested worth it.

We love community management on social platforms. It drives business results and creates 1:1 engagement opportunities with real customers. By being the public-facing voice of your accounts and creating high-quality social content on the platforms that best suit your business, you’ll begin to provide your customers value long before they even decide to make their first purchase.


  • Daily monitoring of social media for mentions of the brand
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports on trends in conversation, reputation risk, performance of managed channels, etc.
  • Creating and posting of daily social media content
  • Responding to fans and followers
  • Placing and optimizing of social ads for fan acquisition and other objectives

·      graphic creation – visual branding on each social media channel

·      contest creation and management

·      tracking / reporting on each channel

·      Monitoring and limiting adspend on campaigns.

·      weekly blog writing, posting, promotion, plus management of comments


  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content
  • Pinterest Promoted Pins
  • Remarketing & Tracking
  • Reporting & Analytics

Want to know how our paid media department can work for you?

We can tailor and scale to any size of project or budget – quotes are always free! 🙂.