Social Media client intake Questionnaire

The better we’re able to get to know your business, your products or your services, the better we’re able to focus on appropriate creative solutions that will enable you to market yourself on social more effectively. 

For the purposes of this questionnaire, assume that we are not familiar with any of your industry terminology and/or processes. Please think through these questions carefully and elaborate where necessary to help us better understand not only your perspective on your business, but to put ourselves in the place of your prospective audience and customers.

Please ensure that you answer each question fully and to the best of your ability, as this will cut down further surveying. We still may need to ask clarifying questions, and will follow up with you once we receive and process the information provided.

Please complete the entire form below

Name *
Phone *

What’s the legal name of your company? Who’s responsible for the bill?

What is your business, product or service? How long have you been in business?

What are your successes or struggles? What current slogans or tag lines do you use? Why?

Where do you see your business going? What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

How would you like your business to be perceived by those who experience it on a daily basis?

Let’s talk about your target market. Who is your ideal customer/target demographic? What does their customer profile look like?

Who is your primary national or local competition? How is your company different? How do you interact with your competitors?

Define how you will judge a successful project. What are your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)?

What do you want your identity to say about you? What personality would you like to convey?

What are your favourite social media platforms?
Which one do you use for personal use?
What social media platforms do you use professionally?

What’s something that moved you that you saw on social media? Something that you remembered, or that made you laugh or cry? Did you share it? Why?

How would you describe your business?
Select from these keywords to describe your business and personality. Please choose only the top few words that speak to you (maximum 6), and avoid any obvious contradictions. If you have a full brand standards guide, please submit this to us instead.
What is your budget? *
If you’re unsure, choose “other”. If your request is for social media, tell us your current monthly budget.

This is your opportunity to be part of the creative direction. Feel free to share any additional comments or conditions you think are important to take into consideration. If you have any visuals that clarify your input to this brief, please include those in an email (as image attachments or links) and send them to: