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Super Bowl LIV Ads: The Hits and Misses

Here’s a list of our favourite hits and misses from the Super Bowl LIV ad spots. What did they spend $5.6 million on?! The Misses Audi Presents: Let It Go Perhaps one of the least was Audi Presents: Let It Go. Frozen, Game of Thrones, luxury automobiles – why? Coca Cola’s Energy Coca Cola decided […]

Market for the Customers You Want, Not The Customers You Have

When household shaving brand Gillette launched their latest ad campaign focused on shifting their tagline “The best a man can get” to “The best men can be,” they received both overwhelming support and abuse, along with a significant amount of earned media coverage and virality. Without taking into consideration socio-political stances or beliefs on toxic masculinity or even feminism, this ad can be easily called a massive success.

Dove Falls Flat With Their Latest Tone Deaf Ad

Dove’s latest Facebook campaign featuring a black woman removing a brown T-shirt to reveal a white woman in a pink T-shirt underneath has received widespread backlash and gone viral this week. The racially-insensitive blunder attempted to show the diversity of beauty in the world, but was ended up falling flat on its face by seemingly implying that Dove products had “cleaned” her black skin off.