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Boston Wholesale Lobster Corp. is a leader in shipping and exporting north Atlantic hard-shell live lobster (Homarus Americanus) to domestic and international markets. We consistently source the highest quality lobster from the edge of the continental shelf in US waters and have strategically invested in the Canadian lobster industry with two facilities on the Southwest shores of Nova Scotia. Our shipping facility in Lynn, Massachusetts is only 15 minutes from Logan International Airport, which ensures that our lobsters are out of water for the shortest possible time and can also accommodate last minute revisions.


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Boston Wholesale Lobster Corp


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Arbuckle Media shot five different locations for us in the USA and Canada for our website. Joel was very easy to work and communicate with. Would definitely recommend!

Tano BarlettaOperation Administrator/Plant Engineer, Boston Wholesale Lobster

Joel was very professional in his approach to filming. We are extremely pleased with the results.

Bill PalomboCFO, Partner, Boston Wholesale Lobster