a non-profit In an Increasingly Competitive Industry

Since 1958 Safety Services Nova Scotia has been proud to offer the most demanded and cutting-edge safety services for workplace safety, motorcycle training, driver education and more. As a non-profit organization, their mission has always been to bring Nova Scotians home safe every single day.

Safety Services Nova Scotia was a great case of how a well-established, 
non-profit service provider needed to bring its brand up to date with how it operates today. The staff at SSNS were at the centre of the project, with input coming in from its regional instructors, office staff, and board of directors to help show the wide range of services they provide, as well as the ongoing commitment to community safety through its charitable cause.

We were able to update the overall visual brand of Safety Services Nova Scotia to create a modern look and feel, as well reposition their central longstanding objectives in a more modern light. Another central point of the project was to create an especially engaging website that allowed visitors to quickly find the information they needed to convert to course attendees. Since there were so many different types of potential customers visiting the site, ranging from the general public to other businesses, we had to create specialized funnels for traffic to flow into while still minimizing the total number of clicks needed to sign up for courses or request more information.

Safety Services Nova Scotia has had, and continues to have a great experience with Joel [Arbuckle]. During the process of rebranding, he was very thoughtful in ensuring all voices were heard and incorporated this into the designs and brand guide. His creativity and attention to detail is excellent and comes into play during website design. We are continuing to work with Joel and Arbuckle Media, and highly recommend their services.
— Jackie Norman, President & CEO