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Essential Cybersecurity Checklist for Ecommerce

Essential Cybersecurity Checklist for Ecommerce

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Secure your ecommerce business from potential cyber threats with our "Essential Cybersecurity Checklist for Ecommerce." Many small businesses often underestimate the risk of cyber attacks, unaware that 43% of these breaches specifically target their niche. Such cyber threats have been on a steady rise, posing an increasingly serious risk to your valuable information and records.

Ecommerce businesses, in particular, are highly sought after by cybercriminals due to their proximity to customers' personal and financial information. Regrettably, cybersecurity remains an afterthought for many small businesses. The escalating number of websites has amplified the number of potential victims, with digital ransoms exceeding $100 million USD in 2021, and ransomware attack reports surging by 105%.

Our Essential Cybersecurity Checklist for Ecommerce isn't intended to substitute for an in-depth analysis of specific types of cyber threats, or the expertise of an IT or cybersecurity specialist. Instead, it is a cost-effective guide to increasing your business's awareness of potential attacks. The checklist offers simple best practices and standards that can protect your organization and mitigate the damage if an attack occurs.

This product is developed from our hands-on experience building ecommerce platforms for product-based brands and learning from past attacks on our clients and industry peers.

Concerned about falling victim to a cyber attack? Fearful of phishing scams that could leave your ecommerce site vulnerable? Choose our Essential Cybersecurity Checklist for Ecommerce. This comprehensive guide works to ensure your small business's cybersecurity is in check, allowing you to operate with peace of mind.

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